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Beautycounter, Lip Conditioner

If I were stranded on a desert island with only one luxury item, this would be it.  I am a big fan of Beautycounter's commitment to safer beauty products, with no compromise to quality or style. This lip conditioner, in particular, feels luxurious and keeps my lips silky smooth for hours - even through baby kisses and constant hydration. It’s probably a little excessive, but I have couple of these spread across my purse, bathroom and diaper bag. I love, love, love it!


OXO Tot, Baby Spoons

OXO is a pretty clever company and these baby spoons are the best, ever (IMHO). I love them so much because the silicone spoon acts like a mini-spatula. Baby food jars can be teeny tiny and this spoon really lets you get the most out of them. Also, the design of the spoon makes it quite easy for baby to suck on while they learn how to take more real bites. I’ve used these for all three kids and they’re a home run at our house!

Pom Pom Basket - best basket for organizing!

Pom Pom pint

Hands down, these are my favorite storage baskets for highly visible spots throughout your home! They are made of high-quality canvas (very durable and have two easy-access handles. They come in a variety of color palettes (multi, neutral, pink, and blue) and have three sizes. We use a medium, multi for each kid in our "back pack rack," and have a zillion of the neutral, minis for storage around the house... practically perfect in every way!


Jon Hart Design, Left Bank Tote

Jon Hart is a local company that focusses on creating well-made bags, luggage, and accessories with a classic design and the Left Bank tote is my go-to tote. I’ve put it to use for all kinds of things (groceries, diaper bag, luggage, briefcase, etc.) and it’s the sort of workhorse bag everyone needs. I love the design, options for personalization, quality and that they’re made right here in Texas.


Green Sprouts, Silicone Placemat

These placemats are a total toddler mealtime lifesaver. When you put it on the table it will not move, at all, for the entire meal. It’s great at helping tiny dishes stay put and whenever you do end up with a mess, which is inevitable, it’s entirely contained because this ingenious placemat has raised edges! It’s portable, dishwasher safe and I love the simple design and bright colors. Great product! 


Kinderville, Kid Dishes

There is a LOT to love about the Kinderville line of kid dishes... they are fun, functional, and a very safe way to serve your little ones their meals. One of my favorite things is how these dishes are made for little hands to handle them. They were thoughtfully designed for both parents and kiddos, and when you can bake, microwave, freeze, and run it through the dishwasher - that's a WIN. {Please take a look at my full review here.}