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Great fall fashion finds! embroidered velvet + your best jeans + your favorite accessories = LOVE!

The other day I was walking through the mall with my three-year-old daughter when she stopped dead in her tracks and said, “Mommy! What is THAT?!?” I looked around thinking maybe she had a random November Easter Bunny sighting, but, no, my sweet little girl had spotted a floral embroidered velvet blouse! My heart smiled, and I said, “Baby girl, that’s velvet, do you want to go touch it?” Immediately she ran over, stroked the fabric, looked up and said: “Can I have some velvet too???”

We don’t get much fall weather in Houston, so at the time, I hadn’t broken out my own stash of velvet for my daughter to see, but our mini-fashion moment gave me something to think about. Over the next few days, I started looking through my fall-ish clothes and found an oldie-but-goodie Johnny Was velvet cardigan - BINGO! I paired it with a flowy camisole (this Mama is not ready for ay body conscious clothing), my favorite NJDY jeans and then went to look for a few accessories. To quote an icon, “I believe in pink,” and when I opened up my jewelry drawer to see my girl ‘Frankie,’ (aka my purple heart wooden watch) an outfit was born.

Since having kids, it feels like I don’t know how to dress myself sometimes. Of course, I know how to physically put on clothes, but assembling an actual “outfit” has a very real way of baffling me. I think the combination of wearing maternity pants for the better part of four years (give or take) has left me feeling quite unsure, so having a great accessory piece, like my JORD wooden watch, really makes me feel stylish and fun.

JORD wooden watch - A super-stylish accessory for your LBD or favorite jeans!

Historically I haven’t been much of a watch girl, but the hubs wears one religiously, and he’s been sporting the JORD Conway wooden watch for a year now (still looks fantastic BTW). Actually, he wrote a review for it this time last year, and his opinion stands firm: it’s a unique, lightweight, stylish watch that people notice and love. After wearing mine for a while now, I completely agree and love wearing mine too.  I mean it’s gold and pink - what a show stopper!

JORD wooden watches - perfect for both men & women.

JORD has graciously offered a contest to enter $100 towards a watch of your very own. Every entry will earn a $25 credit so, please head here to enter… after all the holidays will be here before you know it, and who doesn’t deserve the gift of time?

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JORD Wooden Watch Review - Create a signature style!