Superhero Style

Superhero Style - Super cute boy clothes, with SUPER style!

Little boys run, jump and fly through life - it’s just what they do. They seem to attack their days with the same vigor and tenacity that most adults would use in a triathlon, and they do it all in the name of fun. It’s “fun" to soar through the air to stop a rocket, chase down a villain or jump all the way to the top of the tower and save a princess. As the Mom of two small boys this makes for some very exciting afternoons, and when they’re in full “super-mode,” I do my best to swallow my OCD and focus on the joy of their battle cries.

Every superhero needs their coat of armor, and I’ve had lots of fun dressing the boys up in theirs. The very first piece of hero-gear I ever bought was about four years ago - some toddler size Reebok high-tops with all the Marvel characters on them. My husband was in love, and a new fashion passion was born. Since then I’ve been getting most of their heroic clothing from Gap Kids - do a quick search for “superhero,” and you’ll see why. With the recent edition of Wonder Woman, there are also  plenty of little girl options, but there’s no getting Miss Charlotte out of her “ballerina dresses.”

Do you have a favorite mini-super story about your little ones… time to brag!

(PS - If you're looking for a little mask "inspo," check this link out!)

Superhero Style - How to dress your kiddo like a superhero every day, and look darn cute doing it!