Amazon Prime Day's Must-Haves

The prime is now! (pun intended) If you use Amazon at all, you know about the fantastic phenomenon that is “Amazon Prime.” With an annual Prime membership, you get all kinds of great deals, free shipping, videos, music and more. Whenever I need to buy something, I always go to Amazon first because I’m such a Prime fanatic, and also because Amazon has some of the best customer service on the planet.  But what is “Prime Day”? Well, once a year Amazon hand picks hundreds of Prime-only items and puts them on super sale, exclusively for its members. There are a ton of deals to be had, and I highly encourage you taking some time to browse around, but… here are my top five favorites, for good measure.

Monster bull sticks for dogs - dog treats - best dog bone - dog bone - bully stick - braided bully stick

This is the Hulk of bully sticks, and mega of all dog treats. I love my dogs, and my dogs love bully sticks, but they're pricey and only provide about an hour's worth of fun and excitement. With that said, I am dying to try this out on my girls. I think our pups may feel like it’s Christmas in July with this big bone!

stainless steel measuring cups - bakeware - measuring cups - best baking tools - baking tools

Holy cow - what a deal! I’m in love with all things stainless, and these measuring cups are awesome! They have a groove in the handle for easy hand holding and have clear markings all over the place. The joy of cooking has escaped me, but I love to bake, and these are calling my name!

Alex Toys ceramic tea set - tea party - best toy for little girls - tea set

If there’s a little girl in your life, you may have to stop the press and order her this adorable tea set! It is picture perfect for a first “big girl” tea set, and it comes with all the extras (aka: cream and sugar bowls) Though it’s porcelain, it’s pretty sturdy, and the deal to be had makes it worth while on taking the risk.

Simple Modern Cruiser Tumbler - stainless steel tumbler - tumbler - best travel cup

Remember how I said I love all things stainless… I wasn’t kidding! Stainless tumblers are my new FAVORITE thing since ditching all the plastic, and this Simple Modern version comes in a bazillion of different color and size combinations… and they’re half off. It might just be worth stocking up for Christmas on this one.

Breville smart oven - toaster oven - best toaster oven - best kitchen appliance

Breville is my favorite appliance company. The design is traditional, but modern, and the features pack just the right amount of punch. With a five-person household, we’re needing to upgrade our trust old toaster for something more robust, and when I found this beauty on sale I got all kinds of excited! It can do anything from toast a bagel to your desired level of brownness to broiling a full-size chicken, and everything in-between. I can’t imagine it will stay in-stock long either!