Quality Time with Mom

This picture was taken the day before we got married... nearly nine years ago!

This picture was taken the day before we got married... nearly nine years ago!

Moms are the best. There’s arguably no one who knows me better than mama, accepts me more completely for who I am, and loves me unconditionally. I’m blessed to have a great relationship with my mother. We talk all the time, and she is very much a part of my life. When something good happens, I want to call her so we can share the joy, and when there’s a tight spot, I look to her for comfort. Some of my life all-time best moments have happened with Mom, and here are a few…

Braiding “My Little Ponies” hair.

When I was just a little girl, we would do this for HOURS. Literally hours. Now that I’m a mom of myself, I realize how much patience she had for me because I never remember her complaining, asking to switch games or being anything other than patient through our very looooong My Little Pony grooming sessions. Later in life, this transitioned into Barbi styling, and even later after that it turned into helping me learn how to dress but no matter at which phase of life, my Mom has been there as a source of patient positivity.

Driving across the Mississippi River Bridge in New Orleans with a convertible full of balloons.

This was awesome. When I was a sophomore in high school, my friends decorated my locker with a TON of balloons. It was so fun, and I loved the love, but when my Mom came to pick me up from school in her two-seater convertible, we were a little stumped on how to get them home. After about a second of deliberation, she rolled the top down, and I climbed in. As we crossed the bridge, Mom was driving, and I was holding onto roughly two dozen balloons wildly bobbing in the wind - we were being pummeled by a rainbow of helium, and it was hilarious! The people passing us rolled down their windows, waved and gave us the thumbs up - thank goodness this was before camera phones! It was great fun and, shockingly, we had zero balloon casualties on the journey.

Visiting the MET together.

This was big. I’m an Art History major, and during Christmas break of my senior year, Mom and I traveled up to the Big Apple, just the two of us. The city was gorgeously decorated for the holidays and seeing the tree in Rockefeller Center was a dream. Then we got to the MET - wow. We saw as many museums as possible while we were in NYC, but the MET is one-of-a-kind. Within the first ten minutes of being there we saw “the New York boy,” but I was in heaven when we made it to the Impressionist wing… especially to see Degas, my favorite artist. It’s an experience you can only have once.

Hopefully, everyone reading this has their own wonderful Mom-time moments, and if you’re still looking for a unique gift for that special lady, consider JORD Wood Watches.

What I love most about it…

There’s a style for everyone.

Whether you like a more traditional chronograph or something more modern like a square face, JORD has a great range of women's watches. They have paid particular attention to creating timepieces that meet both form and function. I love the way they experiment with wood pattern and colors to give each watch a truly unique look. When you look through their online catalog, there’s a lot to love.

You can have it engraved.

I’m a sucker for anything that can be personalized. One of my “love languages” is gift giving so I really respond to a watch that, not only has a ton of style, but can be customized. (Customization is the ultimate in preparedness on the gift-giving front.) I had my initials engraved on the back of this watch, but you could do anything - an anniversary date, kids initials, “Mom”… get creative and have fun!

Made in the U.S.A.

I love how JORD goes out of their way to find unique woods from all over the globe but come back home to St. Louis to design and create. I have roots in small business, and I support them whenever possible. I think the small business owners of America are genuinely part of the heartbeat of this country, and we’re so fortunate to live in a place where that creativity is encouraged. I proudly support U.S.A. companies as often as possible.

I hope everyone gets some quality Mom time this weekend, but what are some of your favorite mom memories?