Upping my beauty game with Eyelash Extensions

This post is generously sponsored by Chic Lash Boutique, but all opinions are my own.

This post is generously sponsored by Chic Lash Boutique, but all opinions are my own.

I love discovering what’s new in my neighborhood. Houston, in particular, is a city that’s always evolving and I really enjoy paying attention to how it develops and changes over the years. A few weeks ago I noticed there was something new in the niche of a nearby shopping center - Chic Lash Boutique. With all of the new beauty trends on the market, I was curious what services they offered so I decided to pop in. The boutique was adorable, so I made an appointment for eyebrow threading and lash tinting on the spot. That session went so well that I decided to go back for more - eyelash extensions!

At the beginning of my appointment, they explained I’d have to lie down with my eyes closed for roughly two hours and sweetly asked if I was going to be ok with that. Really? You mean I get to lay here undisturbed for almost 120 minutes - please and thank you! It was calm, cool, and there was a particularly awesome playlist on the radio. The ladies who helped me throughout my appointment were fantastic and the technician who applied the lashes worked quickly, I was impressed.

At the end, I opened my eyes and BAM! I mean, BAM, these were seriously bombshell quality. I felt a bit concerned that my new lashes were too fancy for a mom of three, but I happily “batted” my way home! Before I left, I got a copy of care instructions for the first 24 hours and beyond that explained it all clearly. There were also a few brushes included for maintenance, so I left with everything I needed.  When I got home, my five-year-old said, “Mommy wow - I love the way your eyes look!,” which is just about all the compliment I need in the world.

Now that I’ve been rocking my new “feathers” for about a week, I’ve got to say I’m digging it. I’ve had minimal lash loss, and they still look beautiful and full. My morning makeup routine involves throwing on some tinted moisturizer, concealer, brow pencil/brow gel (I have curly eyebrows, so I need a lot of eyebrow taming… it’s so strange), clear lip shine, and mascara. The entire look takes me about five minutes (eight if I have an audience), with the mascara application taking the longest. Having eyelash extensions lets me skip the last step entirely, so I’m “full-face ready” in about three minutes. As a mom, my getting ready time is at a premium, and I’ve enjoyed that my new lashes give me a serious beauty boost toward looking my best.

While I am very much enjoying my eyelash extensions, I want to note that it took me a bit of time to get used to them. The main thing is that you want to be very gentle with your eyes - no lash rough housing of any kind! As long as you’re careful not to rub or scrub, you’ll be in good shape. Eyelash extensions last approximately two to three weeks before you have to go in for a refill, so you can expect an update on that in a couple of weeks, but I must admit the process of getting them done was so enjoyable that I’m rather looking forward to that second appointment!

(For your reference... my makeup look is just exactly what I described above!)