Easter Crafts for Kids

A couple of years ago, we inadvertently created an Easter craft tradition. My parents had graciously offered to host Easter lunch at their house to make it fun and easy for the little ones. I was trying to help come up with activities, so I went to Michael’s and picked up some craft supplies for us to get into. Parker was the only one old enough at the time to appreciate it, but he LOVED coloring in his eggs. When Easter rolled around again last year, he was quick to ask us if we had our craft picked out… thus a tradition was born. We have some sweet memories and pictures of kids and adults gathered around the table working hastily away on cardboard eggs and bunny masks, so I thought it might be fun to share my favorite ideas for this year.

Mess-Free Crafts

I stand by my love of coloring, but sometimes I would rather not break out all the “goods.” Even the most experienced of arts and crafting kiddos run the risk of a coloring catastrophe should you dare to turn your head for even a second, or grab a sip of water. If you would like to mitigate that risk, these crafts are fun, and mess-free options!

Easter Bunny Headband Kit 

This one... I love. For just shy of $11 you get enough materials to make 12 bunny headbands! Not only is it fun for the family, but it could also be great for a class party, a fun Easter potluck dinner, or to pass out to some other Mommas. It should also give you a pretty darn cute opportunity to get some “bunny” pictures - gotta love a holiday photo-opp!

Foam Stickers

These are big enough for a two-year-old to be able to peel them off all on their own, and thick enough for them to handle without the sticker bending in half. One of my favorite things to do is get a big poster board, throw it on the floor with all the stickers, and watch them go to town. Every so often, you’ll find a stray on a wall, or maybe the sofa but, for the most part, it’s low-maintenance fun.

Flower Bunny Magnet Kit

This may be the most adorable thing ever. The age group is a little more advanced (5+) to be a solo activity, but I think it would be pretty easy for toddlers to work on this with a bit of help. Not only do you create a super cute “flower bunny,” but you also get a magnet out of it… fun! Maybe you can use it to put that bunny headband picture up on the fridge?

Mess-Full Crafts

Dyed Easter Eggs

I don’t think I could do a better job of outlining the steps to dying Easter eggs than Real Simple or Martha Stewart. Both have excellent instructions for traditional egg dying, quail egg dying, and everything in between. Also, the Parent Map has some even more creative egg dying options (think melted crayons and Jello), which are totally worth checking out - it’s a good thing.

Unpainted Wooden Eggs

What a great concept - it lets you maximize your “dirty” efforts! Rather than dying eggs one time, and throwing them away, you can break out paint, paint pens, dye, sharpies… just about anything you want and make some permanent eggs as an Easter craft keepsake. You could have each child do one, date it, and then repeat it next year. Think of the decorations and stories you’d have for your grandchildren!

Incorporating an Easter craft into your holiday traditions is a fun way to make the day come alive, give the kids a chance to be artistic, let loose, and create something memorable. I hope this helps inspire creativity in your Easter holiday, and I would love to hear about any traditions you have!