Best Travel Cup for Toddlers

Summer time is fast approaching, and it’s getting hot already. I’ve always lived in the Deep South - New Orleans, Jackson, and, now, Houston. I’ve seen snow a handful of times (mostly on vacation), and I’m used to spending about half of my year sweltering in temperatures well above 90. With that said, I’ve had a long-standing love affair with iced beverages. I know that room temperature water is better for my body, but, what can I say, it just doesn’t float my boat. When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than your icy cold drink of choice, and my kids totally agree.

When you’re running around with your kids from little league, the park, the zoo… anywhere, you have to bring drinks (and snacks). There are a ton of water bottles out there, especially for little ones, but there are few that can keep their drinks super chilly, without making a total mess. I’ve done a plenty of market research on cups and dishes (remember that Kinderville review?), and I have found the Thermos stainless steel bottles are just the best when you’re running about town. 

Why I love them...

No Sweating.

This is my favorite feature about these bottles. For me, it’s just the worst when your cup starts to sweat. Whether it’s on your kitchen table or the cup holder of your car, it instantly creates a watery mess everywhere. These Thermos bottles don’t do that - like at all. Plus, the power of stainless makes sure the drink stays cold all day long. 

There's a handle!

Right on top of the lid, there’s an incognito handle that pops up whenever you need it - LOVE this! Rather than having a big hook on the side, that goes mostly unused, this one is visible only when you need it to be. Little hands really appreciate using it “all by myself.” Also, you could always hook it to a bag or stroller - it’s just handy.

Available in a bazillion of styles for kids of all ages.

This part is fun. They’ve got all the shows (Mickey, Paw Patrol, Sofia) covered plus Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Transformers, Hello Kitty… the list goes on and on. Truly there’s something for every kid and every interest. However, if you’re not interested in character designs, there are solid pink and blue, or just the basic model too. Personally, I think the characters are great because the kids get to express their interests with the cups, and it, somehow, makes them even more interested in drinking boring old water.

Spill Proof

The fundamental essence of a cup is to contain the liquid that’s in it. Soooo, all of the features don’t amount to much if it can’t do that job well, but Thermos does this VERY well. I’ve never, in my five years of using them, have ever experienced a leak.  I’ve tried dozens of different sippy, straw, and travel cups, so I feel confident in saying they’re as spill proof as spill proof can be.

Just the right size.

Twelve ounces is perfect for a toddler travel cup. It’s plenty big enough for Parker during his Saturday soccer mornings, but it will also last nicely for a day trip out and about in the world. Also, the physical size of the cup is perfect for little ones to manage on their own (this is important to as they stretch the boundaries of their independence), and they fit quite nicely in car cup holders without sliding or tipping over.

I’m always hunting for products that help make our life easier, especially for when we're on the go. Having used Thermos water bottles for years, I recommend them without hesitation. They're fun, functional and stand the test of time.