March Favorites

Spring has officially sprung! This month I got a little caught up in the Spring Break fever and all of the beautiful weather, especially since we don't get so many 70 degree sunny days in Houston! My apologies for taking a few weeks away from the blog, but I'm back and happy to introduce this month's favorites. Let's get started!

Three months ago I had no idea what a bath bomb was. Then one day I was helping my brother and his wife clean out their house. Judy, my sister-in-law, was in total purge mode when she tossed a sample set of bath products at me… one of which was a bath bomb. I tried it that night, and I’m hooked. As a long-time bath lover, I had no idea how much more luxurious it would feel just by “bombing” it. Personally, I go for these, because they are individually wrapped, have various scents, and are full of color. Not only do I keep a mini-stash for me at home, but I also include one whenever I send out Beautycounter samples. These make a great gift for you or someone else… bomb on!

Myself Belts

This belt may be the best invention since sliced bread. Our oldest son is five (and a half), and ever since he was in the womb, he’s been long and lean. I'm sure his slender frame and hummingbird-like metabolism will suit him well later in life, but, in the meantime, finding pants (especially nice ones, nice enough for Church) that fit him in the waist AND in length has been a challenge. One day when researching sippy cups I discovered the Myself Belts - total game changer! It fastens around the first belt loop, and then there is a velcro closure for your kiddo to do all on their own… it’s genius. Traditional belts are sort of pain for the littles, and a bit uncomfortable, but there is zero struggles with Myself Belts. There are tons of patterns for girls and boys, and I just ordered another two… for a little variety.

I think I enjoy coloring more than my kids. Sometimes, ok… a lot of times, I have a difficult time turning my mind off and living in the moment. At least twenty times a day I hear my sweet Charlotte say “Mommy, will you color with me?” I’m not always in a position to do it, but, when I am, it’s a lot of fun to join in their fun. We clear the table, get all of the markers, crayons and colored pencils out, and go to town. Now, of course, I could simply borrow one of their pages, but I want to do my own thing, and “Well bless your heart!” conjures up all kinds of wonderful memories from growing up in New Orleans. Again, Crayola is absolutely fine, but if you’re looking to up your own personal craft game I love the Sharpie Art Pens and Pilot retractable colored pencils (also erasable)… and they would all look terribly adorable stashed away in this pencil pouch. Also, I just heard a tip of putting on some classical music while you color, so that’s on the agenda for later this week!

E-Cloth Glasses Cleaning Cloth

I am meticulously OCD about getting my glasses streak-free. Mainly I wear my glasses at night, and it bothers me to no end when they’re all smudged up with kiddie fingerprints. As adorable as those hands are, their tiny fingerprints are difficult to see through. Maybe it’s just me, but I struggled to get them clean with the cloth that comes with the frames. Then one day I came across the E-Cloth… hallelujah! This material is thicker than the traditional ones, and there’s something in there that leaves my glasses totally smudgeless on the first try. It’s a simple joy that I find worth the $7 price tag.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this adorable doormat sure makes a good one. I’ve been looking for a new doormat for a few weeks now, and just couldn’t find one that was simple, but fun… until “Hello!” there it was. This guy was insta-love, and it’s en route to our humble abode as we speak! For some reason, we seem to run through doormats on a semi-annual basis, so, since these aren’t a permanent investment, I thought it could be a nice opportunity to have a little fun at the front door. Also, I have this one on order for the back patio… happiness!