2018 Planner by Epica

If you know me even a little, then you know I love paper. If you know me a lot, you know I’m ever-so-slightly planner obsessed. Seriously, if it’s got a calendar and some note pages, I want it! The amount of time (and money) I’ve invested over the years in figuring out just the perfect planner situation is something I try hard not to think very much about, but, what can I say, I’m a planner girl. One of my most favorite paper companies of all time is Epica. A few months ago, I reviewed one of the notebooks we’ve been using as a family journal (read more here), so you can only imagine my excitement when I discovered they came out with their very own daily planner this year - and it’s fabulous.

2018 Daily Planner by Epica - great daily organization!

At the risk of going on… and on… and on about why I love it. I thought I’d sum it up in a top three list...

The cover.

The cover is made of GORGEOUS black leather, which aside from being completely elegant, it’s also terribly functional since these date books are refillable! So, although the cost may be a bit higher on the front end, you will have a beautifully broken-in journal you can use year after year. Also, Epica really shines in their personalization options. Having something personalized just the way you want it, takes something from being “really good” to a “timeless keepsake.” I chose to have mine blind embossed with a little saying and my initials in the bottom right, and I love the way it turned out!

2018 Leather Planner by Epica - daily organization & superior style!

The paper.

The paper quality of any notebook is essential to me. As much as I love all things paper, it’s a deal breaker for me to write in anything that has poor paper quality. Being already familiar with Epica’s journals, I knew this paper wouldn’t disappoint... and it doesn’t! I write quickly and tend to press down hard, and these pages hold up beautifully. The pen glides across the page easily, and there is no bleeding and little to no “ghosting” (seeing the ink on the reverse side of the page). My favorite pens are the Uni Signo gel pens (0.38 tip), and they’re an excellent companion to this planner!

2018 Daily Planner & Date Book by Epica

The daily design.

The functional design of any planner is the heart of what will make it great. However aesthetically pleasing a planner is, without a good layout, it just won’t work. I feel like Epica, did an excellent job giving this planner enough specific organizational categories to make it work immediately, as well as have some flexibility. Personally, I love that it’s a daily layout. Even on the days when I don’t have so many appointments, I always have a to-do list a mile long, and this planner gives you all the room you need (especially if you get their largest size like I did!). You can use the top section for notes, a favorite quote, a family memory from the day, or a grocery list. In the bottom two thirds, I plan on writing down all of my hard and fast schedule items (i.e., Pick up the kids at 2:30, Yoga at noon or Church at 10:30), and then filling in my to-do items throughout the day. 

This daily date book exemplifies simple, chic and efficient organization for anyone. It’ll be Christmas before you know it, so 2018 is just around the corner! I highly recommend picking one of these up for yourself, or maybe even a friend (it would make a great gift!)… and get excited for the new year! 

Stay calm, and plan on!

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Daily Planning & Organization lifesaver! 2018 Daily Planner by Epica - review.