JORD Wood Watches - A Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Personally, I think men are the hardest people to buy for, especially husbands and fathers. I’m not sure why exactly, but as much as I love gift giving, and I really do, I struggle to find the men in my life a gift that they will not only enjoy, but use. It’s happened all too frequently that I have a hard time finding something for Mike, and then when I do land on a gift, it sits in the bag unused... until I finally pitch a fit (he-he).

Honestly, I didn’t know about wood watches until JORD contacted me to review a men’s watch for my husband, but after spending a few minutes on their website, I realized it was something special. As a gift-giver, I love how many options there are for men and women. JORD created a wide-variety of unique timepieces that fit a range of styles. My husband chose a traditional blue-faced chronograph, but they have other super-sleek choices with square or rectangular faces as well. These watches come in all kinds of colors and finishes, at affordable price points, so no matter what you will find an option that suits your guy (or gal).

When I started writing this post, I asked my husband Mike what he liked about the watch. Being an engineer, he needed a few days to get his thoughts together and then wrote up his own review. So here it is -  a completely unbiased perspective written by my lovably-detailed engineering husband.

Mike’s JORD Wood Watch review...

Made in America

JORD's based in St. Louis, Missouri and I like how all of the manufacturing is done right there in the “Gateway to the West.” Since I went to college in Rolla, Missouri, there’s a nice personal touch for me as well.

Stylish & Unique

The wood watches JORD provides come in a variety of styles and costs to match each person's taste and budget. Mine, the Conway series, is more on the casual side, which fits my style. However it's a good looking watch that’s still dressy enough for me to wear to the office, and I've gotten several compliments from my co-workers.

Quality Materials

Guys, at least me, tend to be hard on watches and they need to withstand a beating. JORD watches are made well with high-quality materials. They chose wood from all over the world for, not only, their unique look, but also for their durability. They also use a Sapphire Crystal glass for the face, which is very scratch resistant - second only to diamonds. This is especially important for everyday use, with three little ones to chase around.

In General

I really like the look of my watch. The natural wood mixed with the dark blue watch face and metal accents give it a very clean, strong look without being too “in your face”. I was surprised at just how light the watch was when I picked it up, and especially how light it felt on my wrist. Though the watch is light,  it's made very well, and of high-quality. I’m not as concerned as I thought I’d be wearing it daily around the kids and dogs, but I’ve been more careful to not get it wet. I don’t worry so much when it comes to washing my hands or doing the dishes, but I do take it off when giving the kids a bath. I like that the clasp in the back is a double-latch.  It significantly reduces the size of the clasp and cleans up the look a lot. It's also a nice touch how they engrave the date the watch was crafted right on the back (mine was made on August 22, 2016).

Overall, it’s a great watch that I've enjoyed wearing and highly recommend. The quality of the workmanship and materials are good, and I like that it’s a unique watch, as I haven’t seen many people with wooden watches before.

Now that we’ve (hopefully) gotten you hooked - there’s some good news! JORD is offering an instant $25 off of your order through this link from now until December 18th, and there’s still time to have yours engraved! As fantastic as these watches are for men, they're equally enticing for women. Personally, I’ve got my eye on a rose' option, but there is a lot to choose from so don’t forget to check out their whole site.

It was very exciting to get the opportunity to do my first review, and I’m thrilled it was for such a great company. Finding quality products, that are both beautiful and functional is a big part of Lattes & Living, so I hope you all enjoy this post and check out what JORD has to offer!

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This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.