2016: A Year in Review

As we get ready for the 2017 countdown, I can’t help but reflect over the last 12 months. So many good things happened in 2016. Our third child, Cooper, was born, we launched the Lattes & Living blog, and, most importantly, we have each other, but 2016 did not come without its struggles.

While my husband and I are so blessed be employed, our jobs have gone through a tremendous amount of turmoil, and there’s a lot of uncertainty as we look ahead in our careers. We also faced significant medical challenges between Cooper’s reflux, my husband's surgery and my prolapse, which ended up resulting in my own surgery seven weeks ago. However, one the most painful things I’ve ever done was see our sweet schnauzer, Mona Lisa, through her final days, and ultimate passing. Honestly, any one of those things would have been enough for an entire year, and I’d be lying to say it didn’t feel overwhelming at times.

While I don’t typically pray for struggles, I’m usually able to see the good they’ve done me, and how God’s greatness carried me through, once I’ve had a chance to reflect on them. I still have a lot of lessons to learn from life, but I can say that 2016 has taught me so much about the power of gratitude. I wrote about gratitude a few weeks ago, and as I think about 2016 two thoughts immediately come to my mind. One this was a tough year, and two I’m so grateful for everything I have.

I truly believe that it’s by the Grace of God, I’ve been able to stay thankful, rather than resentful, throughout the year. The last 12 months were challenging, but when I look around at our three beautiful children who are healthy and happy (most of the time)… it’s very hard to stay focused on much of anything else.

If you had a tough 2016, you’re not alone, and I hope this next year is an opportunity for you to get back to good. Tonight, before I go to bed, I’ll be writing one last entry in my gratitude journal. Then tomorrow morning I’m excited to open my eyes to a new year, with new possibilities.

I am so grateful for everyone’s support of Lattes & Living. Your loads of “likes,” sweet comments and continued interested means the world to me as I go through this journey… thank you!

Below are some photo highlights throughout the year...