Happy Halloween: the joy of living little

As a child, I remember being SO excited for Halloween. Deciding and designing a costume with Mom was the tip of the excitement iceberg and once the sun set that night and we were off to trick-or-treating, I was ecstatic. As I got a little older, I realized that Halloween wasn’t my thing. I don’t like being scared, and the concept of ghosts, goblins, and zombies turned me off (it probably related to my abnormal fear of puppets). However, things changed a bit nine years ago when my husband and I met via a Halloween set-up and it started to feel more romantic than scary.

This year, a little bit to my surprise, Halloween was every bit as much fun as when I was a child. I’m still not into any of the scary stuff but the dressing up, them not me, is my favorite! It’s funny how life comes full circle because I was back to having fun picking out costumes with Mom (aka: Bibi), but this time it was all for the kids! After Church one day we wandered into PBK and had a field day. Parker is all dinosaur ALL the time, so he snatched up the T-Rex costume. I thought he might ditch the head for trick or treating, but he fully committed to giving a realistic “RAWR!" Charlotte locked eyes on a monarch butterfly costume early into our shopping trip. Honestly, I was not a fan at first, but she rocked that outfit like no two-year ever has. Her little black kitty shoes gave it the ultimate finishing touch, and it was perfect. Then there was Cooper. I have always wanted a baby pumpkin for Halloween, and my chunkiest monkey didn’t disappoint. He happily sported his pumpkin suit ALL night long, hat included.

The night started with a little block party, and we had a blast watching the kids (mine, friends, neighbors) all suited up in their costumes. They were hopping up and down, asking “is it time to go yet?” every 30 seconds totally overjoyed at the chance to go out and collect massive amounts of C-A-N-D-Y! Of course, they’re not allowed to sit and chow down on all of those sweets at once. I’m pretty sure that they’d go into a sugar-induced coma if they tried - people can be VERY generous with the “treating.” But the joy on their faces as they bounce from door to door just can’t help but put a smile on your face.

As the night came to a close and we escorted our little gremlins up to bed, Parker turned around and said, “Daddy... How many more days until the next Halloween?” I think it was a success for everyone!

Happy Halloween - the joy of living little, How to survive Halloween with little kids.