Meet Jordan

About Me

I’m Jordan, a full-time mom with a full-time job.  I was born and raised in New Orleans but relocated to Houston, TX about ten years where I met my husband Mike. We have three (kind of crazy) kids and two (definitely crazy) dogs.  Like many, I spend my days juggling our children’s schedules, my current workload, and everything in-between. Most of the time it feels like I’m just barely making it out of the house alive, but I keep God close and give each day my best shot.

my favorite things

family  •  our dogs  •  paper planners  •  lots of lattes   baby toes  •  pens  •  boyfriend jeans   •  statement flats   polka dots  •  tote bags  •  Frankie Valli  •  cookie cake   pops of color  •  anything lucite  •  quiet time  •  patterned dinnerware  •  Better Than Ezra  •  fabric shopping    roses  •  writing in my journal  •  the sound of my children laughing  •  a clean kitchen  •  The Sound of Music

About The Blog

When our third child was three months old, I remember looking at a bed full of clean, folded laundry and texting my mom about how proud I was that everything we owned was clean. I felt like superwoman. Apparently, that meant I had about fifteen seconds worth of time and energy to think about something other than my to-do list, which I used to convince myself that NOW was the time to start that blog I’ve been thinking of for the last five years. I racked my brain for the perfect name, and then it hit me. As I was gulping down my caffeinated beverage of choice I thought, “I need this to function,” and Lattes & Living was born.

I hope to bring you great product finds, tips and tricks, some puppy love, a little laughter, and a very real perspective into our colorful and busy world. Things, at least for us, are very rarely as perfectly put together as they appear on Instagram or Facebook, and I’m looking forward to sharing the good, the bad and the frenzied.